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Renewing your *Club Membership* via the new ACU Sport80 website.

Firstly, we'd recommend that you do this renewal (and your actual ACU licence) after 1st Jan. Doing so before should work, but the expiry dates and your licence status don't seem to update until 1st Jan, introducing uncertainty.

Renew you Club membership through the (new) main ACU website.

(You should all have had an email from ACU several weeks ago, prompting you to use your existing email address and a password for the new ACU site. If not, you need to contact ACU directly.

Instructions for renewing your club membership this way can be found in this 90 second video:

"How to manually add your club membership (if you have already paid the club directly)"

NB The screen you see may look slightly different than the video, as I think they've improved it. But it is essential that you choose the option 'club membership - Approval'. This effectively tells the ACU website that you have already paid the membership directly with the club. (Although in fact FTC are waiving membership fees again in 2023).

The Club will then Approve your Club Membership.

Then you can apply for/renew your racing licences/Trials registration. (Separate FB post to follow....)

PS - Sport80 have provided an additional website (CMS - Club Management System) which allows Clubs to sell memberships. But having trialled it we have removed that option for the moment - it causes much confusion. (It also charges the club a transaction fee, even when the membership is FOC).

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